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CSMB Jeanne Manery Fisher Memorial Lectureship

(Next awarded 2019)

In honour of the late Jeanne Manery Fisher, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Toronto, an eminent woman will be selected by the Society every second year for her scientific accomplishments, and will present a keynote lecture at the Society's Annual Meeting. Dr. Fisher was not only an outstanding biochemist, but a remarkable teacher. She was instrumental in creating the Society's Equal Opportunity Committee and fought diligently for the position of women in science.

The nominee must be a Canadian woman scientist (landed immigrant or Canadian citizen) who has a distinguished career in the fields of either biochemistry, molecular or cellular biology or genetics resulting from her outstanding contributions to research, teaching or society. The nominee need not be a member of the Society, and nominations may be made by any scientist. The nomination procedures for this award are the same as those for the Young Investigator Award. The awardee will deliver a lecture at the Annual Conference and submit a manuscript for publication in the CSMB BULLETIN.

Previous winners of this award

1988 Dr. Rose Shenin

1991 Dr. Rose Johnstone

1994 Dr. Shirley Gillam

1996 Dr. Nicole Bégin-Heick

1998 Dr. Rhoda Blostein

2000 Dr. Amira Klip, Dr. Carol Cass

2002 Dr. Mona Nemer

2004 Dr. Morag Park

2006 Dr. Frances Sharom

2008 Dr. Katherine Siminovitch

2010 Dr. Cheryl Arrowsmith

2012 Dr. Julie Forman-Kay

2014 Dr. Susan Lees-Miller

 2017 Dr. Brenda Andrews


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