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25 September 2015

Dear CSMB Member,

As we enter the final stretch of the 2015 Election Campaign it is time to make Science Funding a National Priority. 

While the public is talking about the "muzzling of science" (see recent Maclean's Poll ) the crisis in  funding for basic discovery science remains low on the political radar.  Decreased success rates combined with reforms to grant competitions at CIHR and NSERC have led to a tipping point where laboratories across Canada are being forced to shut down or downsize. Without increased and predictable support for discovery research, Canada will lose its next generation of researchers and the ideas that will enable progress in research and its applications in biotechnology and in medicine.

Let's make Discovery Science a National Priority!

  • Talk to Your Local Candidates. The CSMB is a member of Research Canada, our lobbying arm, who has set a goal of doubling the CIHR budget (see  Research Canada's Election Primer for more information).  Is this an outrageous ask in these economic times? NO IT ISN'T.  It is important to get the message out that research in Canada is in crisis.  We need increased funding for discovery research in Canada.  Ask your candidates: 

Does your party support doubling the CIHR and NSERC budget to support increased investments in discovery research?  

  • #MakeScienceMatter #elxn42 - Lets work together to get#MakeScienceMatter trending on Twitter
  • CSMB Petition - Stay tuned for when we launch a petition to increase support of basic discovery science. 

SPREAD THE WORD - Make Support for Science a National Priority regardless of political party.



Kristin Baetz, President 
Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences (CSMB)

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